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Saturday, September 8, 2007

1st Place in Wizards of the Coast Pimp My Store Contest!!

I've been meaning to begin a blog for some time... Now I have a reason- to do some serious bragging!

For the Magic the Gathering 10th Edition release Game Day, WotC held a contest called Pimp My Store. The criteria was: Best overall Magic feel (50%); best outside decoration (25%); and best Magic product merchandising (25%). We were determined to give it out best effort and came up with two major ideas: a Magic Wall of Fame featuring many of the cards being reprinted in 10th Edition, and a 5 color theme on our play floor. J also built a huge "X" of empty 10th Ed booster boxes. (Later we would learn that this was the thing that caused them to vote in our favor!)

We worked on our decorations for weeks, took oodles of pictures, carefully cropped and printed them, and sent them off to WotC with baited breath...
Then we simply got caught up in the day to day grind of running a business and all that entails. Truth be told, the contest kinda slipped our minds. Until today.

Today the call came. The call from WotC informing us that not only had our work caught their attention, we had taken 1st place!! And the marvelous 1st place prize? A $500 Home Depot gift certificate and $100 worth of Magic: The Gathering-branded items for his/her store. They will also be doing an article about us for their home page. WOO HOO!

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ScottM said...

Congratulations and nice pictures!