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Monday, October 8, 2007

Do You Squidoooooo?

One of my favorite sites of all time is Squidoo. It's such a magnificent idea, putting the ability to construct a webpage about something you are passionate about, know a lot about, or just plain care enough to take the time to create a lens about in a short amount of time.

Recently Squidoo came out with SquidWho, partially pre-filled people based lenses that one can adopt and maintain. That one was a lot of fun, and I took full advantage to build my tribute to Robert Jordan (see previous blog post).

Now Squidoo's team has outdone themselves with a lens set-up just for eBay sellers: SquidBid.
Check out my first SquidBid lens.
There will be a link there to create your own SquidBid lens, should you so choose. I highly recommend it!

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